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Elite Prospect Academy (International Team)

Aug 15, 2024 - May 31, 2025

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Elite Prospect Academy is an Under-20 (U20) traveling American football team based in Svendborg, Denmark. Our mission is to serve as a gateway for players aiming to play in the U.S., advance to higher levels in Europe, or simply compete against top-tier competition in the sport. Our season runs from September to June, featuring a minimum of 7 games. Application Process Submit Highlights: Players interested in joining should send their game highlights to our Instagram account: Initial Contact: Coach Desi Barbour will reach out to discuss your goals and ambitions related to the sport and the team. Commitment Form: After the discussion, we will send a simple, non-obligatory commitment form. Membership Details Team Fee: There is a mandatory yearly team fee of 1,500 DKK or 200 Euros. Payment secures your spot on the team. Playbook and Game Plans: Players will receive the current playbook and opponent-specific game plans. Travel Arrangements: Players are responsible for their own travel to and from games, but we offer options to help reduce costs. Uniforms: You can borrow a uniform or purchase both the white and navy sets for approximately 120 Euros. Game Film Access: Players will have access to all game film post-game to use as they wish. Why Choose Elite Prospect Academy? Competitive Edge Playing against the best competition is crucial for European athletes aspiring to become legitimate high school or college prospects in the U.S. European athletes often face skepticism from American coaches regarding the level of competition in Europe. Therefore, it is essential to gain as much international exposure as possible. Upcoming Matches Starting in 2025, Elite Prospect Academy will compete against renowned programs such as the NFL Academy, RIG Academy, Pole Revolution, Bristol Academy, and various other international schools and programs. Competing against these elite athletes will provide you with a true measure of your abilities and hel

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