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    Elevate your American football career with tailored programs designed for aspiring national team players, college athletes, ELF professionals, and NFL hopefuls. Achieve your goals wit
    Valid for 12 months
    • Individual Recruitment Advice & Assistance
    • Personal Recruiting Profile
    • Customized Strength & Conditioning Program
    • Customized Speed & Agility Program
    • Mobility & Flexibility Focused Program

Membership Benefits

Individual Recruitment Advice & Assistance

Personal Recruiting Profile

Navigating the recruitment process can be challenging, but our expert advice and assistance make it easier. We provide personalized guidance on how to attract the attention of scouts and coaches, from crafting the perfect recruitment profile to understanding the nuances of the process. Our support helps athletes showcase their talents effectively and maximize their recruitment opportunities.

Customized Strength & Conditioning Program

Our strength and conditioning program is designed to build a solid athletic foundation. Each workout is tailored to meet the individual needs of the athlete, focusing on developing power, endurance, and overall fitness. This personalized approach ensures that players can achieve their physical potential while minimizing the risk of injury.

A well-crafted recruiting profile is crucial for gaining the attention of college coaches and professional scouts. We help athletes develop a professional profile that highlights their skills, achievements, and potential. This profile serves as a powerful tool in the recruitment process, helping players stand out from the competition.

Customized Speed & Agility Program

Speed and agility are critical components of football performance. Our program includes drills and exercises specifically aimed at enhancing quickness, reaction time, and overall agility. By targeting these key areas, athletes can improve their on-field performance, making them more competitive and effective players.

Mobility & Flexibility Focused Program

Maintaining good mobility and flexibility is essential for preventing injuries and ensuring long-term athletic health. Our program includes a variety of exercises and stretches that enhance flexibility, improve range of motion, and aid in recovery. This focus on mobility helps athletes stay in peak condition and perform at their best.

International Playing Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How will Team Revolution fit with my current team commitments? 

Team Revolution's programs are designed to be flexible and accommodating to your existing team commitments. We coordinate our training sessions and program requirements to ensure they complement, rather than conflict with, your club team schedules. Our goal is to enhance your development without overburdening you.


Q2: What specific benefits will I gain from Team Revolution that I'm not getting from my club team?

Team Revolution offers personalized training programs, including strength and conditioning, mobility, and agility training, tailored to your specific athletic goals. Additionally, our individual recruitment advice and exposure opportunities, particularly with U.S. colleges and professional scouts, provide a significant advantage in advancing your career.


Q3: Can the training programs be customized to complement the training I receive at my club?

Absolutely. Our coaches work with each athlete to create a training regimen that not only aligns with but also enhances the training received at your club. This ensures a holistic approach to your development, covering aspects that may be overlooked or not as heavily emphasized in club settings.


Q4: How does participation in Team Revolution impact my visibility to scouts for colleges or professional teams? 

Participation in Team Revolution significantly increases your visibility to scouts. Our network includes contacts in collegiate and professional sports, and our showcase events are specifically designed to attract scouts from these levels. Our personalized recruiting profiles and highlight tapes further enhance your exposure.


Q5: What are the communication expectations for keeping Team Revolution updated on my progress? 

We expect regular updates on your training progress, game performances, and any new athletic milestones. This can be done through monthly check-ins, progress reports, or during our scheduled training sessions. Keeping us informed allows us to tailor ongoing training and support effectively.


Q6: How does the monthly training session work? Will it conflict with my club's game schedule?

Monthly training sessions are scheduled with consideration for common club commitments, aiming to avoid major conflicts such as game days and peak training times. These sessions are mandatory as they are critical for assessing progress and making necessary adjustments to your program.


Q7: What kind of commitment is expected from me outside of physical training? 

Apart from physical training, we expect commitment to personal growth and team activities, which may include leadership development workshops, community service initiatives, and participation in team-building events. These activities are designed to develop well-rounded athletes.


Q8: Can I join Team Revolution mid-season or should I wait until the off-season? 

You can join Team Revolution at any point in the season, as our programs are tailored to integrate seamlessly with your existing commitments. However, joining during the off-season may allow for a smoother transition and more intensive focus on initial training without the immediate pressures of competitive play.

Why Choose Team Revolution?

Choosing Team Revolution means joining a community dedicated to your success. With proven strategies, expert guidance, and comprehensive support, each athlete is equipped with the tools and opportunities necessary to transform their sporting dreams into reality.


Expert Training: Team Revolution's training programs are meticulously designed by experienced coaches, including former professional players who bring invaluable insight and expertise to our regimen. These seasoned professionals stay abreast of the latest trends in sports science and coaching techniques, ensuring our athletes receive the most advanced and effective training possible. 


Personalized Approach: We understand that each athlete is unique, with distinct strengths, weaknesses, and personal goals. This understanding drives our personalized approach to training and development. We tailor training plans to specifically address and enhance individual skills and physical attributes. This customized strategy ensures every athlete can fully develop their potential, achieving personal bests and surpassing their performance goals.


Comprehensive Support: Beyond physical training, Team Revolution offers a holistic development program that includes mental conditioning, nutritional advice, and injury prevention strategies. Our comprehensive support system ensures that athletes are well-prepared physically and mentally, maintaining optimal health and peak performance. Additionally, we provide tailored recruitment guidance, helping athletes navigate the complexities of sports scholarships and professional contracts.


Proven Pathways with Coach Vincent Pervis: Our track record of advancing athletes to higher levels of competition is largely attributable to the expertise of Coach Vincent Pervis. With over six years of international recruitment experience, Coach Pervis has successfully assisted more than 150 professional athletes in finding opportunities both in the United States and internationally. His efforts have also led to the placement of over 125 players in high schools and colleges across the United States. As an American with extensive international experience, Coach Pervis employs a nuanced approach to recruitment, avoiding the one-size-fits-all strategy commonly used in the industry. His deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by international players allows him to match athletes with programs that best suit their specific needs and aspirations.


Long-term Athlete Development Focus: At Team Revolution, we are dedicated to the long-term development of our athletes, understanding that reaching collegiate & professional levels requires persistent effort and continual progression. Our programs support athletes at different stages of their athletic careers, adapting to their changing needs and the evolving demands of their sport. This commitment ensures boh high performance levels and player sustainability over time.

Team Revolution


Elevate your American football career with tailored programs designed for aspiring national team players, college athletes, ELF professionals, and NFL hopefuls. Achieve your goals wit

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